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What is Microblading?

Updated: Mar 19


Got brow envy?

Are you fawning over full brows; with perfect shape, an arch that actually exists and a tail that is on point? Suffering with sparse brows, no brows, or just want more definition?

Then microblading is your new best friend! Stop wasting your time filling in your brows; instead wakeup with perfect brows every day!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a permanent cosmetic tattooing technique using a handheld tool with tiny needles (“micro blades”) the diameter of a natural hair. Using the “micro blades” superficial strokes are created in your brows that mimic your own natural hairs. Using this technique the brows are filled in in areas where you may have holes, thinning or no brows at all. The results leave you with perfect brows that look natural. Microblading typically last in the skin 3-4 years. Maintenance touchups every 6-12 months will keep brow pigment looking fresh.

Microblading is a game changer! You will be obsessed and everyone around you will be having brow envy!

Microblading Needles and Microblading Pen

Are you ready to be microbladed? Did this explanation help you? Is there anything more specific you would care to know? If so, comment below.


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