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Permanent makeup Eyebrows.

Brow Artistry: Elevate Your Brow Game

Discover the artistry of stunning brows with our range of specialized techniques, meticulously designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Our skilled artist craft your brows with precision, ensuring you radiate confidence with every glance.
Complimentary Consultation
Your journey to brow perfection commences with a personalized consultation, where we explore the possibilities and tailor our approach to your unique features and desires.
Experience a transformation that's nothing short of remarkable with Microblading. Each delicate hair stroke is meticulously etched, creating an astonishingly natural appearance that beautifully complements your features.
Powder Brows
Indulge in the allure of effortlessly elegant brows with Powder Brows. Achieve the soft definition of makeup, with a gentle shading technique that bestows your brows with a graceful, polished look.
Blade & Shade
Elevate your brow journey with the exquisite fusion of Microblading and Powder Shading. Blade & Shade delivers the best of both worlds, creating a harmonious blend of defined hair strokes and a soft, makeup-like finish.
Feather Brows
Embrace the grace of Feather Brows, perfect for those blessed with naturally full brows. This technique adds a few nuanced hair strokes, ensuring your brows maintain their inherent beauty while subtly enhancing their fullness.
  • 10 Stroke Max per Brow: For a subtle enhancement that preserves your natural charm.
Deposit is required to schedule and secure your appointment and is deducted from the total price of your tattoo. This deposit is to ensure that you are serious about your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable but transferable to reschedule an appointment, as long as 24 hour notice given.
Touch-Up and Maintenance:
4-8 Week Touch-Up
Ensuring your brows remain flawless and impeccable.
Annual Touch-Up
Starting at $200
A dedicated service for our valued returning clients, maintaining your brows' stunning allure.

At Esthi Emma, we create artistry that empowers your beauty. Join us to experience the transformative world of brow enhancement, where your unique radiance takes center stage.

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