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Microblading Appointment Breakdown

What happens at your microblading appointment?

I receive many messages regarding what takes place during a microblading appointment. So here is a complete breakdown of all the steps.

From start to finish your appointment will take 2 1/2 - 3 hours.

Arriving to your appointment

Upon arriving to your microblading appointment we begin by capturing a few before photos of your eyebrows.


Next, I like apply numbing cream so it has time to absorb into the skin and work affectively for you. I clean the brows with an alcohol pad, then apply topical lidocaine numbing to procedure area. This will help take the edge off when I start tattooing. The numbing needs to set on the skin for about 30 minutes.

Intake Forms

While we wait for the numbing, you will fill out and sign a client medical history form, tattoo consent form and a photo release agreement. After completing your intake forms, I view them and ask you any needed questions pertaining to the info you provided me.

Reviewing Aftercare

We then proceed to review the "Aftercare Instructions" I provide you to take home. I verbally go over each aftercare step, plus I like to add in some tips I have learned to help you reach the best healed results.

The Aftercare Instruction covers:

  • Sign and symptoms of an infection.

  • How to treat your tattoo during the healing process.

  • What to expect your tattoo to look and feel like during the healing process.

  • Long term care and maintenance of your tattoo.

After we have finished reviewing the aftercare, I have you ask me any questions and/or let me know of any additional information you would like to disclose.

Choosing Pigment Color

Now it's time to pick your pigment color. I will apply a few different color swatches to your forehead for us to compare and choose from. If you don't know what to choose, don't worry; I like to choose the best pigment color to blend naturally into your existing brow hair and/or the best pigment for your skin tone.

Brow Consultation

art by @suhaibdavid

I start our brow consultation

by asking you a number of

questions including desired

shape, thickness, and goals

for your tattoo. At this time,

I also have you show me any picture example you might

have brought. If you need

help deciding what you

would like your brows to look

like, I will customize the

perfect brow design for your

facial structure. I take all this

info and start taking some measurements for your new brows.

Brow Mapping & tattoo outline

With the measurements I took, I begin mapping out an outline for your tattoo. After the outline is created, I have you take a look and we revise anything you would like. I like to look at the outline laying down, sitting up, and smiling because facial expression and how we hold our faces can differ between. Once you have approved my outline; I like to clean up the brow area of any stray hairs by either plucking or waxing around the outline.

Microblading Time

Now it's time to tattoo! At this point your numbing is working and will help take the edge off your first pass of Microblading. I do like to disclose, that even with the topical numbing, you are receiving a tattoo and pain is associated.

I begin my first pass of hair strokes; during this pass, you can feel some scraping and minor pain. After the first pass is completed I apply a second numbing agent that makes the second pass of strokes completely painless for most. During the second pass, I am going over the exact strokes of my first pass. This pass applies more pigment into the strokes.

When the second pass is completed, I have you sit up and look at me straight on; I check that everything is lined up and even by taking some more measurements. I hand you the mirror to take a look, we decide if any additional strokes are needed.

Pigment Soak

We proceed to do a pigment soak. I cover the fresh strokes in pigment and let it absorb in for 10 minutes. Once the timer is done, I clean up the excess pigment and have you do a final check of your new tattoo.

Finishing up

We finish up by taking a few after photos. Then I apply your take home ointment to your tattoo and we book you a touch-up / follow up appointment 4-12 weeks out.

Are you ready to be microbladed? Did this explanation help you? Is there anything more specific you would care to know? If so, comment below.


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