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Lash Lift

What is a lash Lift?

Lash Lifts enhance your natural lashes; it takes the lashes you have and curlers them into place for 6-10 weeks. Lifts make your own lashes appear longer and your eyes appear more open.

Lash Lifts are easily described as a perm for your lashes. But unlike a real perm this technique doesn't use any harsh chemicals such as parabens and formaldehyde.

Most Lash Lift solutions are formulated with keratin that creates safe and affected results.

(So check with your service provider to confirm you are booking a keratin lash lift service.)

Lash Lift

Candidates for Lash Lift

If you curl your lashes daily with a lash curler then lifts are you new best friend!

Ideal clients for lash lifts have medium to long lashes that are straight or grow downward.

Lifts are also great for clients with sensitivities and those who want an alternative to lash extensions.

What your lash lift service entails

Your lash lift appointment will take about 60-75 minutes from start to finish. During the service your eyes remain closed. Silicone pads are placed on your eye lids, these act as curling rods. Your lashes are then adhered to the pads followed by a few keratin rich solution processes that curl your lashes into place. The service feels like your lashes are in a lash curler for an hour, but it's painless.

Extensions vs Lash Lift

Extensions look amazing, but the maintenance and upkeep can be a lot of work. Cleansing your face and eye area becomes more challenging and you will have to receive fills every 2-3 weeks for them to continue to look beautiful.

Lash lifts are easier to maintain. After you avoid water for the first 24 hours of receiving a lift, you can begin to treat you lashes as normal. You can wash you eyes, splash water on them and wear mascara. And as for the upkeep, you schedule your lash lifts about every 6-10 weeks; this depends on the speed of your own hair growth.

Pro Tip

Using a lash growth serum can help your lashes grow longer and more dense. Making your lash lift results even more amazing! My go to over the counter lash serum Grande Lash MD is available for purchase at your appointment.

My favorite prescription strength lash serum is Laisse. Before using any serums consult with your Optometrist (eye doctor).

Are you ready to try a Lash Lift? Did this explanation help you? Is there anything more specific you would care to know? If so, comment below.


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