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First Time Brazilian Wax

What you need to know before getting your first time Brazilian wax

First Time Brazilian Wax

Receiving your first brazilian wax can be very intimidating.

"How bad is it going to hurt?" and "I don't want someone seeing my vagina." are the main concerns I hear as a wax specialist.

I won't lie, first time brazilians can be painful but if you maintain waxing every 4 weeks the process becomes less painful. Here's why: During your first time brazilian wax the hairs are very deeply rooted in the hair follicle, making the removal process more painful. But hang in there, the hairs go back in finer and don't root as deeply making the removal process at your next wax quicker and not near as painful. Maintenance is key; if you keep up on regular waxing, you will notice less hair growing in and each wax will get easier.

As a service provider who was been waxing for over 5 years, I can assure you in a hypothetical vagina line up, I would not be able to pick yours out of the crowd."Once you have seen one, you have seen them all!" is my favorite line to tell my clients who are a little nervous. It's totally normal to be anxious about undressing in front of someone. So, if ditching the undies makes you uncomfortable I suggest wearing a skirt. The undies will still have to be removed but leaving the skirt will make you feel more covered.

Preparing for your first Brazilian wax

Your hair needs to be a quarter of an inch long to be able to wax. That's about the length of a grain of rice. So let it grow baby! #noshavenovember

If you are concerned about your pain tolerance I suggest using an over the counter topical numbing cream on the area 30 minutes prior to your appointment. My favorite numbing cream is "numb master" and I get it off amazon. I also suggest covering the numbing cream with plastic wrap because this will help the product absorb into the skin. Taking an over the counter pain reliever, okayed by your doctor, can also help take the edge off. Just make sure it is not a blood thinner (Anticoagulant).

Be prepared to butterfly. When you get to your appointment your wax specialist will have you undress from the waist down and get on the table, laying down with your legs in the butterfly position. Practicing this position can make you feel prepared. Also be prepared to draw your legs up, place your hands behind your knees and draw your legs towards your chest, so your wax specialist can wax your back side. We are talking brazilian wax after all, and that means we remove it all. If your wax specialist doesn't have you do that position then she will probably have you lay on your stomach and reach you hands back onto your glutes and hold open.

swimsuit ready

Waxing close to and during your menstrual cycle can cause your wax to be more painful due to increased blood flow and sensitivity in the area. If you decide to get waxed during your menstrual cycle, wear a fresh tampon and inform your wax specialist; she will cut or move to string out of her way.

Lastly please come clean to your appointment. Be courteous to your service provider and don't come right after working out. If you need to clean up before your appointment most wax specialists provide you with wet wipes to freshen up in the bathroom before your service.

Are you ready to recieve your first brazilian? Did this explanation help you? Is there anything more specific you would care to know? If so, comment below.


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