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Emma Miller, a Sacramento, California native, is a Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Tattoo Artist and owner of Esthi Emma, LLC. Before these accomplishments were made, Emma, along with her passion for skin care, attended the Career Beauty Academy. By 2012, she had graduated and became a Licensed Esthetician. Now also a Licensed Tattoo Artist, Emma specializes in

microblading eyebrows, lash enhancement, and anti-aging treatments. She offers a balance of relaxing and result driven treatments for clients suffering with congested skin, uneven tone and texture, and sensitized skin. In order to aide others in regaining their confidence, she has made herself knowledgeable of the many different skin conditions and concerns that affect women and men, of all ethnicites. She is a life long learner and is committed to staying up to date with the latest skincare advances, that will not only help her to succeed, but most importantly, help others to obtain the skin they deserve. Emma is also a Waxing Specialist and is trained in brow sculpting and performs full body waxing. No matter what she is doing, Emma's goal is to give her clients the beautiful skin they seek. Outside of her work, Emma enjoys outdoor adventures and practicing Yoga. She is also an animal lover, wife and mother to a beautiful son.

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