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Brows for a cause.

Brows for a Cause is a monthly microblading giveaway for women and men who have lost their eyebrows due to cancer treatments or alopecia areata.

If you or a friend would like to be enter in a giveaway please fill out form below with subject line: "brows  for a cause" . 

Please include your/their story and why you/they should be chosen.

*Giveaway includes one microblading session, and one touch-up session booked 4-12 weeks after initial session* *Entries not entered correctly will be disregarded* *Entrants may be asked to provided photos*

*One entry per month, per person.* *Winners will be contacted directly*

*All winners must be cleared by their doctor to receive microblading tattoo.*

*Winners will be showcased in work portfolio*

 Brows for a Cause was also created to raise awareness and help fund cancer and alopecia areata research. Donate today! (links provided below)

Thanks for entering! You will be notified if you are my month winner! Good luck!

together we can make a difference
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